Puertorican raised, adventure seeker, architecture geek, photography enthusiast, currently based in Boston.
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Enjoying some Rachel’s Ginger Beer in Seattle, WA. Great highlight of our trip. They make some amazing Moscow Mules! 



Double the Pleasure

Cozy, crisp minimalism

My kind of living

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Wax Lettering by Lo Siento from Spain

Love this.

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the start of a series…focusing on different part of my life. 

getting back in the swing of photography things.
Watercolor in progress….Light House at Sunset. 
Finally finished and hung my paintings! Brighten ups my room for sure. #diy #art #roominprogress
Thanks to the wonderful @bnberry my new desk setup includes a Wacom #bamboo tablet. Time to create with a new medium! #birthdaypresent #wacom #deskspace

I have beautiful friends. @Mundilia